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At the Core...

Follett Higher Education Group is a company committed to our core values:

  • Customers
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Each and every associate

For us, the Follett values frame every facet of our business and every decision we make. We take pride in setting high standards for ourselves and for the market in which we are an industry leader.

Sustainability focuses on providing the best outcomes for both human and natural environments now and into the future. Supporting this effort means a renewed commitment to the values that make us strong. We remain accountable for our business practices and emphasize teamwork and innovation to move our business and our world forward. Our respect for the environment, our customers, and our community will always be integral to our business.

Find out more about what we're doing to support sustainable development for our business and the communities we serve at Our Role.

Sustainability News

Follett Parners with Alta Gracia

Alta Gracia is a new brand of apparel made in a factory that pays its workers a living wage, fully respects their associational rights and meets or exceeds all university labor standards. Villa Altagracia is a village in the Dominican Republic where Knights Apparel, one of the largest suppliers of collegiate licensed apparel to the mass market, has set up the factory. The Workers Rights Consortium (WRC), an independent monitoring organization for over 175 affiliated colleges and universities, will verify the entire production and fulfillment process.

In partnership with Knight's Apparel, Follett Higher Education Group will be offering this new line across 85 bookstore locations, anticipating further expansion as the capacity of Alta Gracia increases.

For more information on Alta Gracia, visit

Association for The Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education logo member

This membership-based organization is dedicated to advancing sustainability in higher education across the U.S. and Canada. They partner with a variety of concerned businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies that support the mission of sustainability. The mission is to promote sustainability in all sectors of higher education - from governance and operations to curriculum and outreach - through education, communication, research and professional development. To learn more about the AASHE, click here.